The Voltacore Guarantee.

I offer a 2 year guarantee with all the work and materials i supply, this is NOT insurance backed but a Guarantee from Voltacore LTD, some exceptions to this are:

1) The item was not supplied by Voltacore LTD. (eg. the customer supplies a light fixture, as such it does not fall under MY Guarantee)
2) The customer fail’s to pay within 7 calendar days of Invoice. (After 7 calendar days the Guarantee falls back to manufacturer warranty if any)
3) The issue is from wear & tear or is the result of accidental or malicious damage.

Examples: (Subject to being within Guarantee Period)
1) If a long life LED bulb/lamp fails then its covered
2) If a socket/switch failed & does not show signs of misuse or accidental/malicious damage then its covered.

Home Appliance Repair: There are special terms covering this catagory, please see further details in T&C’s under the heading House-hold Appliances here. The Summary of it is that ONLY the part supplied and fitted is Covered by the Guarantee & No other part of the appliance.

I reserve the right to update & amend this Guarantee & add Clarifications at anytime and without Notice but without detriment to customers already served.