The Future of Electrical

So there are 2 Topics in today’s “Think Piece” :

  1. The Idea of Solar/Battery/Electric Car Combination homes.

    This is nothing new to people like me as being in the DIY PowerWall Community for the last few years there has been a long slow march towards the Power wall idea and i think spear-headed by Tesla as to my knowledge they were the ones to first market it to the Public ow though Off-Grid people have been doing it for decades with lead-acid systems.

  2. The Electrical Distribution Network Operators in the UK,

    The E5 Group has done a good recent video on this as one of them explained the Local Railway station has changed from PILC cable to Aluminium Core with Copper stranded outer layer and this to me seems like nothing more than a money grabbing exercise implemented by some middle or top level manager sat in their office somewhere. The idea that it’s all being changed to PME is a bad joke at best and at worst more dangerous.. as last i checked there was no public announcement.. and surely such a move would mean every house in the operating area should now be moved to TT as a matter of Urgency.. but allas it’s not.

So why is all this happening and whats the relevance to each other.. well here’s the thing… “it is my believe” some boffin somewhere out there knows the future really is more home generation and storage and the idea of national Grids is eventually going to be reduced to nothing more than a supplementary supply for when home generation is not enough or viable. Mixed with commercial and industrial applications.. this does indeed mean a huge shift in thinking as currently there are large swings in energy consumption for the Grid during different times of day and year. This may be smoothed out with battery storage in peoples homes topped up with grid power at overly inflated prices in the future.

This would in tern reduce supplier cable size requirements (in theory) and if homes go Off-grid entirely then obviously they will need localised earthing solutions within their properties.

My Conclusion to all this:
Well for the moment some network operators appear to be cheaping out and doing it in irresponsible and possibly dangerous ways.. again these are my personal Opinions and should be treated as such.

On a positive note i think the future for Home generation and storage is bright and as long as we can keep it out of the hands of the Government and prevent them from finding new ways to Tax the snot out of us as lets face it they will need to make up for all that Fuel duty they currently rob from us with something else.

A “thought” for Electricians and Electrical designers would be to start thinking about individual property earthing zones and so called Unicorn devices that monitor PEN conductors (like what is appearing in EV chargers).. these i feel will start to become ever more needed not just in terms of EV car charging but when homes start to form their own Earth Fault Loops with PME grid supplies as nothing more than an afterthought backup.. plus how to integrate grid and local generation earthing solutions.. interesting times ahead.

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