These are the Prices we charge as standard but custom contracts are available for larger jobs.

Hourly based working rates:

These apply for normal, scheduled works (Unless part of a quoted fixed price works).
They also apply to any faultfinding or investigation work.

Per hour

Initial hour/part hour: £60.00
Subsequent hours: £35.00

Per Day (Day-rate)

£120.00 per day

Minimum Charge

In some instances the minimum charge of £30.00 may be applied.
This will typically be for very minor work which takes less than 30 minutes and is at a location nearby or can be done while on the way to another job.
Examples include replacement of a light bulb, rewiring a plug or replacing a fuse.

Quotations for projects:

Written quotes are available for both small and large works, which include works that require that we supply parts & materials, take more than 1 day, or those which may be done in stages or over a period of weeks/months. NOTE: with staged works each phase will be invoiced seperately.

Quotes are provided Free of charge.

However please note that a quote is just that – a fixed price for fixed work. If there is any fault finding or additional works required to complete the quoted work then additional costs may be incured but will be communicated in full with the customer.

EICR Pricing:

There are 3 Levels of Inspection i Offer:

Level 1: Visual inspection £65
Level 2: EICR – Electrical Installation Condition Report £60 per board & £10 per circuit
Level 3: Extensive EICR – Electrical Installation Condition Report £80 per board & £25 per circuit

Level 1: Level 1 is a visual inspection that includes a written report containing the number and location of sockets, lights, switch’s and other electrical fittings including their visual condition & photos. We also take some simple tests to determine the supply voltage and earth fault loop impedance at the origin of the installation and notes plus photo of the incoming supply.

Level 2: This package level is a standard EICR – Electrical Installation Condition Report and comes with all of the visual inspection elements plus appropriate sampling of accessories upto 30% as well as a full suit of tests such as continuity, insulation resistance, RCD, PFC/PSC, continuity of protective conductors and bonding ect.

Level 3: This level includes all of the features from level 1 & 2 and also includes extensive removing and inspecting of all accessible sockets, switches and electrical points within the property.
NOTE: When taking items off there is the posability of minor damage from items that have been painted or inapropriately glued or otherwise fixed in place.