Over Engineering things!

You know your board on a weekend when you spend a few minutes designing a circuit board for the simplest task… In this case i knocked up a design for an LED module that could be used to power multiple LED’s of different colors (each with a different coresponding resistor value) from a circuit board not much bigger than a double-barrel pencil sharpener.

This module is for a friend who does fairground modeling and likes LED’s of different colors and as such i made it take to take a 12volt input and put out 3 outputs and each has a resistor placement and each can be populated with a different resistor depending on what color (ohm value) and how many (watts) it needs to supply.

I will include the materials used below.

1x Circuit board designed on easyeda and manufactured by JLCPCB.
4x Wire screwdown terminals
3x Resistors
Your personal choice of Solder

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