New Electrical Rules for Landlords

As many in the Landlord and Estate agents/Property managers communities will be aware there are new Rules that have come about that now require a much more vigilant oversight of the Electrical health of your properties.

But before the rules even came into force we all knew there is going to be some abuse and/or misinterpretation of these new rules.

One example is electricians that automatically claim your installation is “Unsatisfactory” just for being plastic and not to the 18th Edition of the regs.

This is not the case as each EICR should be based on the condition of the installation and its ability to perform the required protection. This means installations to old regulations may not be unsafe and in fact in some cases could be brought up to more modern standards with some simple additions.

The jist of this is: The new rules are being used to get extra work out of people that may not be needed. But the flip side is if you hire a Drive-by electrician on the cheap you may find their reports are not worth the paper they are written on.

You should always seek advice from professionals, there are various organisations that can help such as Napit, Electrical Safty first and verious others.


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