Just Decorated ?

One of the things i get alot is people who have just spent alot of money on decorating and then think they want a new lighting setup that would require putting holes in walls and the reaction they have when you have “That” conversation with them.

New though in the modern day there are ways around most things and this is no exception. The simplest method i have come across is the Quinetic switching system, this so far has been easy to fit and with the switch’s not requiring battery’s or wires there is no need to destroy your newly decorated room or keep replacing a battery.

The Jist of it is the switches use the kinetic energy produced by clicking the switch to send a signal to the little box and the box turns on the lights.. obviously this is a simplified understanding of it but for more information check them out at https://www.quinetic.co.uk/ and ask your Electrician about them today.

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