Domestic / Residential Services

Whatever the project, I’ll work with you to ensure energy efficiency is taken into consideration, and any parts I source will be quality branded components that meet or exceed British or European standards and the requirements of the building regulations.

Here is a list of some of the types of work i do:

Main Domestic Electrical Services:

  • Sockets and lighting: moving, replacing, adding additional points
  • Switches: moving, replacing, upgrading to PIR/dimmer/remote control
  • Outdoor: sockets, garden lighting, security lighting, pond pumps, hot tubs
  • Consumer unit(Fusebox): upgraded/additional/relocated consumer units with improved protection
  • Circuits: new installations, extensions, additions, removals
  • Lighting: ceiling, wall, recessed, replacement luminaires
  • Wiring: repairs, upgrades, rewires, bonding, concealing, re-routing
  • Remote power installations: to garages, sheds, outhouses, greenhouses
  • Exterior cabling: underground or overhead wiring
  • Bathroom: shower supplies, shaver sockets, fans, IP rated equipment installations
  • Kitchen: electric ovens, hobs, heat alarms, extractor fans, UV insect control

Landlords Safety Reports (EICR)

  • This is a standard EICR but landlords & Estate Agents refer to them as the Landlords Safety Report, it is the same thing with the only difference being these are EICR’s done for rental properties.

Home systems, internet & Network Services:

  • Nest & Hive Thermostat install
  • Network cable install with wall outlets
  • Full-house network cable runs (Great for Online Gaming/Streaming)
  • Wireless range extenders or Access points
  • Guest access Wifi installs
  • Additional Wireless Access-points (Gardens/Yards)
  • Wired network access to Out-buildings & Garages
  • Various network/comms cabinet installs
  • CCTV Design & Installation

Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR):

  • I do Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) this means testing your installation for suitability to remain in service. You will notice most Fuseboards/Consumer Units have a recommended inspection date and generally this is around 10 years after the initial install unless other factors require more frequent inspection or unless there are alterations or additions.


  • If you are having a Fuseboard/Consumer Unite change you should generally have an EICR performed first. This will find any potential problems before you have the board changed as if there is an unknown problem within a circuit that may not manifest in the old board, it could stop a new board from working due to the modern safety features they have.

TV Cabling/Signal:

  • Aerial/satellite socket repair / replacement / relocation
  • Additional outlet sockets for additional receivers/rooms
  • Existing wiring repair / re-routing
  • Loft aerial installations (Subject to signal strength)