Complaints process

Should there be reason for you not to be totally satisfied with the service i have provided, then i would always welcome a chat to try and put the issue right and may even be covered by my Guarantee but failing an informal resolution you can start a formal complaint via the steps below.

Stage 1. Notification.
If the complaint is in regard to the quality of workmanship or supplied goods then a claim can be made under my guarantee and I will make every effort to put it right quickly and to your satisfaction, however if the guarantee doesn’t apply, or if you want to pursue a complaint regardless of the guarantee, then you should detail the issue to me in writing in the first instance (The Support Ticket system can also be used to keep track of a complaint).

Stage 2. Logging and investigation.
Upon receiving the complaint, it will be placed in the complaints file and an acknowledgement letter will be sent to you (via chosen communication method, within reason). An investigation will be performed within 7 Calendar days with a site visit if necessary.

Stage 3. Closure.
If the complaint is deemed to be justified then remedial action or compensation along with timescales for resolution will be agreed in writing between all parties and signed off. Once the agreed remedial work or compensation has been completed, a letter will be sent to confirm the closure of the complaint and the complaints file will be updated accordingly.

If the complaint is deemed to be unjustified then a letter explaining the reasons for rejecting it will be sent, and the complaints file updated to show the complaint has been closed.